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As a security company, StackAware takes its own cybersecurity posture seriously. As an early stage startup, we rely heavily on no- and low-code platforms to facilitate rapid development of business logic. We seek to be as transparent as possible regarding the technological dependencies of our application so that customers can make informed risk management decisions.

We will continue to implement best practices, pursue third-party attestations and certifications, and provide additional information to customers and prospects.

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4th party data breach - Evolve Bank & Trust

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At 4:06pm Eastern Time on 26 June 2024, StackAware received an alert from one of its vendors, the financial technology company Mercury.

Mercury wrote:

"We recently became aware of a cybersecurity attack that breached the security systems of one of our partner banks, Evolve Bank & Trust, and leaked their records, including some account numbers, deposit balances, business owner names, and emails associated with Mercury and other fintech accounts."

StackAware immediately inquired of Mercury as to whether StackAware customer or business partner information was involved in the breach, to which Mercury replied it was still investigating the incident.

We will issue an update clarifying if anything more than just StackAware's information was impacted by this breach as soon as we hear from Mercury.

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